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The 6-P Code: Ready for Disasters and Emergencies
Living a lifestyle of preparedness.
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Community is Essential: Whether you call it a team, a band of brothers, or whatever, community is essential for safety and sustainability during a disaster.
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Real World vs. Normalcy Bias: Is there a credible threat of widespread disaster and chaos?  (The U.S. government seems to think so.)  This article focuses on the signs of the times, and how to Identify key indicators of destructive change and 'tipping points' which can initiate economic and social upheaval.
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Planning for Disaster-Related Medical Emergencies:
You'll Need More than a First Aid Kit

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Portable Personal Records for Emergency Situations
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Essential Firearm Accessories
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Selecting Firearms for Preparedness
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TXRFA Firearm Safety Rules

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PREPARED: Ready to Roll
Book 2 & 3 (Consolidated in One Volume)
Evacuation, Safe-Haven Selection, and Shelter-in-Place Guidebook

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PREPARED: Ready to Roll
Book-1  -  Why Responsible People Are Preparing
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Book-4 of this series is not yet available.

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God, Guns, and Guts of Firearm Defense
The Bible View

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Family and Personal Protection:

Selecting the Best Gun for Self Defense
at Home

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